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Concert (Live/Online)


In a unique concert spanning cultures, Dong Xi leads the audience on an eclectic musical journey. They combine musical traditions into original music inspired by Chinese folk, classical music, and American jazz. The musicians intersperse their performances with demonstrations of and commentary on their music and creative processes.

Past shows for example:

Dong Xi World Music Concert

Kennedy Center Arts Across America Live Stream

Educational Program (Workshop/Residency)

TEDex Tysons-1.jpeg

Dong Xi enjoys participating in school programs and residencies. They offer workshops and community outreach to professionals and non-professionals with topics including but not limited to "Musical Improvisation", "Concepts and Vocabulary in Dong Xi's Music", "Respect, Listen, and Collaborate", "The Way," and "Breaking the Boundaries".

Samples of the previous event:

TEDex Tysons -"Legacy"

ASIA NORTH 2021Virtual Concert and Workshop (Towson University)

Online workshop for Ethnomusicology program of Boston College 

Dong Xi Online Workshop 2020 

Teaching Residency at Beijing Language and Culture University, China, 2019

Trio with Shu-Chen Cuff

Logo Triology.jpg

The trio that Dong Xi formed with dance artist Shu-Chen Cuff is an epitome of cross-disciplinary collaboration. They break the boundaries of disparate art forms and create a multi-dimensional sensory space by improvising. This collaboration is an entire interpretation of synesthesia, the artistic transferred sense, which embodies the characteristics of interconnection and is interchangeable across art disciplines.

Samples of the previous event:

“Reshaping Space” ,

Sound Design (Theater/Film/Media)


"… percussionist weapon, versatile world musician Tom Teasley; partnered with the excellent Chinese dulcimer expert Chao Tian. "- Missy Frederick , DC TheatreScene

“… the team of Tom Teasley on percussion, and Chao Tian on Chinese dulcimer, performing as the group Dong Xi, heightens a splendid unfolding musical fantasy." - Roger Katlin, Broadway World

Past show for example:

The White Snake (2019, Constellation Theater Company, DC)



Dong Xi's musical dialogues are based on the Taoist philosophy of Wu Wei, meaning "action through inaction." By creating beautiful music through respecting, listening, and reacting, the duo offers a model for resolving conflict and organizing chaos mindfully and organically. Healing music can be offered through both live or online shows and lectures. 


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