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Mysticism & Music, Constellation Company, 2021

"Stationed at the center of a bare, multilevel stage, Tom Teasley and Chao Tian blaze through a percussion-steeped score that is, by turns, poignant and pulse-quickening. The two are as satisfying to watch as to hear: Tian, a Chinese-dulcimer virtuoso, hovers over her instrument with rapt alertness, each movement suggesting sweeping vision and impeccable focus. As Constellation regular Teasley supplies percussion and more, he all but dances in his seat, pumping energy into this world premiere production, a meditation on humans’ age-old quest to reach, or fuse with, the divine and transcendent...Through it all, Teasley and Tian keep the exquisite music going, artist-exemplars of the Rumi maxim “You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” - Celia Wren, The Washington Post

Tom Teasley and Chao Tian embark on a spiritual odyssey with “Mysticism & Music” - André Hereford, Metro Weekly

The White snake, Constellation Company, 2019

“Tom Teasley wizards up a propulsive soundscape in collaboration with Chao Tian, a Chinese-dulcimer virtuoso.” - Celia Wren, The Washington Post

“…mesmerizing sound by duo Tom Teasley and Chao Tian…" - Beatrice Loayza, DC Metro Arts


“sublime” - Mary Ann Johnson, Maryland Theatre Guide

Out of the Blue, 2019
Dong Xi is a collaboration between percussionist Tom Teasley and Chinese dulcimer virtuoso Chao Tian. They fuse Chinese folk and classical music with American jazz. The resulting world fusion is an enticing conversation between east and west through music. The music is performed and composed by Dong Xi with a lot of free improvisation. It most closely reminds us of music from Hiroshima but slimmed down to a crisp duo, a union that produces good fruit and holds promise for much more.- D. Oscar  Groomes,O's Place Jazz Newsletter

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