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Before we start recording we got a keyword of China Jazz to improvise on. The monitor headphones were the only link between us and through our ears we formed a delicate balance and subtlety of changes. Based on a jazzy rhythm and the use of traditional Chinese pentatonic scale and Chinese gongs this piece vividly depicted a glimpse of the glory of the Tang Dynasty, hence we named it “Chang’an”.

Kong Zhu

This song’s keyword was Chi-Bops and based on that we came up with a more direct image of playing the Kong Zhu. We mimicked the ever-changing flow and the diverse way of playing of this ancient Chinese game and fused in our improvisation.

Rolling Walnuts

It is a humorous conversation between Chao (playing on the wooden edge of her Yangqin and Tom on the rims of his drums to simulate the sound of walnuts rolling down wooded stairs.

Dong Xi at 2018 TEDx Tysons- "Legacy"

"Award winning world percussion fusing American jazz, world music and funk converses with spellbinding virtuosity and Chinese folk melodies on the yanqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer). In this completely improvised performance for TEDxTysons, the audience is taken on a magical tour of the Silk Road for modern times."--TEDx Tysons


"An impromptu between Handpan and Chinese dulcimer played by Dong Xi at The Bonita Lestina Old Town Hall Performance Series

Falling Leaves

This is an improvisation for The Bonita Lestina Old Town Hall Performance Series. All elements in this music floats freely like falling leaves. 

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